Business and Communications Executive

about the company

Skyrora is a UK launch vehicle provider with the environment at the forefront of its focus. Aiming to provide sovereign launch capabilities globally through conducting the first ever commercial vertical orbital launch from the UK, Skyrora seeks to fill a market gap to provide cost effective, sustainable access to space.
Skyrora is rapidly approaching vertical orbital launch through the development of several innovative technologies, including an orbital transfer vehicle which can deorbit dangerous space debris and a rocket fuel derived from unrecyclable plastic waste.
The company is also taking an incremental learning approach to launch, developing four suborbital rockets to perform real-time testing of the avionics, ground control systems, payload deployment, and recovery systems of the vehicles in parallel with the development of their orbital rocket.
In 2022, Skyrora achieved several significant milestones on their journey to reach orbit, including completing the largest successful integrated orbital rocket stage test to be held in the UK since the 1970s and attempting to launch their Skylark L vehicle into space from the Langanes Peninsula in Iceland. These milestones have provided the team with valuable experience in operations procedures, logistics coordination, and execution of the rapid setup and pack-down of their mobile launch complex, experience which will propel them forward monumentally towards reaching orbit and change the course of the UK space sector.
Teamwork is at the core of Skyrora’s values as the company faces new challenges every day. Every member of Skyrora’s diverse team demonstrates flexibility, enthusiasm, and a significant work ethic to help establish creative solutions for the countless obstacles faced within the space sector.
Why not challenge yourself with the rare opportunity to help get the UK back to space?

about the role

The Business and Communications Executive is a dynamic role that supports the business team and external communications for Skyrora. This position is responsible for developing and executing communication strategies to enhance the company's brand, market presence, and operational efficiency. The executive will collaborate with various departments to ensure alignment of business objectives and communication efforts, driving growth and maintaining a consistent brand voice across all platforms.

Content Creation

  • Capture and edit videos and photos highlighting technical milestones and significant visits.
  • Collaborate with the design team to produce graphic and video content/marketing collateral.
  • Collaborate with the design team to produce merchandise and brochures for use during conferences and events.

Written Communication

  • Craft content for social media and SEO-driven articles. Where needed also contribute to press releases and stakeholder newsletters, including the co-ordination of quotes from relevant industry stakeholders.

Event Representation

  • Coordinate and attend relevant conferences and events to represent the company.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Assist with facility tours for government and industry stakeholders.
  • Lead engagement with stakeholders from media and press, including the co-ordination of media interviews and filming at the Skyrora Headquarters.

Media Relations

  • Engage in regular consultations with our press agency to remain informed about company PR activities.
  • Work alongside the press agency to deliver thought leadership pieces.
  • Monitor, track, and report on press and social media metrics.

Business Development

  • Input and update details in Customer Relationship Management system.
  • Assist in meetings with potential clients, taking notes and maintaining correspondence.
  • Ad-hoc research tasks.
  • Pick up ongoing PR projects with relevant stakeholders.