Skylark Micro allows electrical systems to be tested under the influence of g-force, using a parachute recovery system to ensure a safe landing of the vehicle and return of the payload. Skylark Micro can also be utilised to test the construction of and thermal coating on payload materials. Furthermore, the rocket can be used to launch satellites to investigate the ambient conditions in areas of dense atmospheric pressure, as well as for educational purposes.


  • Length 3.32 m
  • Propellant HTPB
  • Airframe diameter of the First stage 0.102 M
  • Thrust of the First stage 1.56 kN
  • Airframe diameter of the Second stage 0.075 M
  • Thrust of the Second stage 0.84 kN
  • Payload mass Up to 1 kg
  • ISP of the First stage 172 s
  • Max G-load 16
  • ISP of the Second stage 181 s

flight profile

Skylark Micro Skyrora

launch site

If a launch site is unavailable to use, Skyrora can provide a mobile telemetry kit that will be set up as part of the launch site. There is also the potential for co-investment in equipment to allow for use of a future launch location.

The telemetry kit tests the key components of the launch infrastructure which will later be used for future launch vehicles. These key components include:

  • Telemetry ground station
  • Antenna and antenna mount
  • Control computer (laptop PC) to communicate with the onboard systems

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