Skylark Nano has been featured in a fair share of headlines and news articles, leading to inquiries from universities and students looking to use Skylark Nano as a research vehicle to collect data about ambient conditions. Skylark Nano’s pre-launch and launch operations are simple to use.

Skylark Nano render


  • Diameter 0.102 M
  • Propellant HTPB
  • Lift-off mass 13.325 KG
  • Payload mass UP TO 1 KG
  • Maximum thrust 1 825 N (182.5 KG)
  • Thrust 1 526 N (152.6 KG)
  • ISP 181 s
  • Total motor impulse 5 s
  • Motor manufacturer CESARONI INC.

flight profile

Skylark Nano flight profile

launch site

If a launch site is unavailable to use, Skyrora can provide a mobile telemetry kit that will be set up as part of the launch site. There is also the potential for co-investment in equipment to allow for use of a future launch location.

The telemetry kit tests the key components of the launch infrastructure which will later be used for future launch vehicles. These key components include:

  • Telemetry ground station
  • Antenna and antenna mount
  • Control computer (laptop PC) to communicate with the onboard systems

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