Skyrora’s response to the UK’s recent investment for Defence

“Skyrora is delighted to hear that Boris Johnson has invested £16.5bn into the Military of Defence. Part of this will be put towards the new RAF Space Command that will aid in the deployment of British Satellites and the UK’s first rocket launch from Scotland in 2022. This was echoed in the priorities (imperatives) set out by the Secretary of Space for Defence – Ben Wallace, in a recent Defence conference: Mobilise, Modernise and Transform. This will help the UK space industry open up launch capability providing access to thousands of jobs. We are proud to be working alongside the government to achieve this launch capability in the UK.

We will continue to develop our launch programme to ultimately benefit the UK and to help achieve the UK’s Green Plan by 2030. We are excited and determined to help and deliver launch capability within the UK and have already shown huge technological milestones such as the recent achievement of our 3rd stage in-vacuum simulation engine tests that have completed our third stage programme.

The mission that Skyrora is pursuing vivaciously, that Reactive Sovereign Launch is a capability is central to the UK’s future vision, as reflected in the Secretary of State Defence speech. The innovative progress already made on this journey stands the UK in great stead to capitalise on these imperatives and afford the conditions required for transformation to take place for the UK into an enhanced, more confident and above all responsible Space Actor, with a mature Space capability.”

Volodymyr Levykin, CEO of Skyrora.